The Second Angel

I am so excited to announce that the cover was approved today for the 2nd novel in the Home Office Lord’s series.  It will now go to print and be available within the month.  Book 3 is in the edit/rewrite stage.  Not my most favorite stage in publishing a novel. lol.  Prior to book 3 being published, I hope to be working with a literary agent to help promote the books.  Enjoy.

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  1. Amanda

    The Second Angel is the next installment of the historical romance series, The Home Office Lords and follows James’ friend and pseudo-brother Charles.

    Lord Charles Hawkly has a newly elevated title and he’s not happy with it. In his mind there is no need to send the debutantes and eager mamas into a frenzy. The holiday season goes from joy with the birth of his boyhood friend’s child to receiving distressing news from his mother. Things in his family go from bad to worse as he mounts an investigation into the happenings around the Hawkhurst estate. With the help of the younger lords of the Home Office, Charles is able to get to the bottom of the misfortunes.

    After choosing to postpone her come out after the death of her mother, Lady Angelique is on her way to London for the season. But it seems luck is not on her side as she is injured in a carriage accident. Thankfully the family from the neighboring estate was kind enough to offer sanctuary while she recovers.

    The reluctant lord quickly becomes her confidante; his open smiles and charming manner make her think of more. A well-meaning friend gives him a push to admit the depth of his budding feelings. All he needs to do is admit those feelings to the lady herself before she disappears from his life.

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